Jason DeVries

Tri-County Fire Response

Today we served around 35 emergency responders from Tri-County, Ellicott, Edison, Hanover, Big Sandy, Calhan, Cimmaron Hills, and Fountain fire departments. These incidents can be long and exhausting. EIS brought water, coffee, sports drinks, prepackaged snacks, beef jerky, and Skittles of course.

Thank you Village Inn for supplying fresh coffee. We initially served from our supply of prepackaged burritos. Shout out to El Bronco Ranch Market in Calhan, CO for making fresh, hearty burritos as the incident went on longer. Any kind of hot food to keep our responders going helps.

The three vehicles on the right are “tenders” which supply water in areas without hydrants. The square red object left-center is a portable tank, typically holding around 4000 gallons. The engine on the left drafts from the tank and can either serve firefighters directly or relay water to an attack engine. It takes a great deal of planning and training to establish a professional water supply operation such as this one. It is an honor to serve those that make this look easy.

Jason DeVries

Black Forest Fire Response

We would prefer to be out-of-business, never needed. Red Cross is supporting a family affected by a fire early this morning. Black Forest Fire, Donald Wescott Fire, Falcon Fire, Peyton Fire, Tri-Lakes Monument Fire, Larkspur Fire, USAFA Fire, Fountain Fire, American Medical Response, and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office all pulled together to do everything they could. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

The above picture provides an idea of what our emergency responders endure. It is usual for water to leak from hose connections, forming ice in winter conditions. Cold, miserable, physically demanding… thank you fire, emergency medical, and law enforcement for everything you do.
EIS situated between water supply point and the second pumping truck. EIS provides safe haven, hot or cold drinks, high energy snacks and replenishment.
Larkspur Fire water tender unloading into a portable tank. It unfolds but is not “inflatable” as reported by media. These are commonly used to establish water supply in rural areas.
Distance from portable water supply to actual fire was over 3000 feet with EIS supporting first responders at multiple stations.
Jason DeVries

Santa on Patrol

Monument Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Palmer Lake Police Department, and Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District team up every year for Santa on Patrol, delivering toys and Christmas cheer to kids in the Tri-Lakes area. Your generous toy donations made this possible!

Quoting Roger Lance: “To see the joy in those children’s eyes was a blessing. Some of the parents had tears in their eyes. This is truly what Christmas is about.”

Emergency Incident Support provided candy canes and over 200 cups of hot chocolate. One of our members donated 75 hand-made scarves. The community donated hundreds of toys. “Too many to count.” Thanks to all these agencies for inviting us to be part of this great event. We look forward to supporting Santa on Patrol again next year!

Jason DeVries

Fountain Fire Response

EIS was called this morning to support firefighters and law enforcement on an extensive structure fire with Fountain Fire as the primary agency. Several area agencies responded to control the fire, preventing spread to surrounding homes and outbuildings. It was a challenging incident with over 10 units on the scene.

EIS volunteers supported 60 first responders. “Serving those who serve.” It is our honor and privilege to be there when needed 24/7/365 for our first responders in El Paso County and surrounding areas.

Jason DeVries

EIS Volunteers Support Wildand Fire Training

Over three days the week of August 5th, Emergency Incident Support volunteers were on scene with firefighters as they trained on wildland fire tactics.

Tri-Lakes Monument Batallion Chief Bradley orchestrated the exercise with 150 firefighters participating. Spreading the northern El Paso County joint training exercise across 3 days allowed all 3 shifts from Tri-Lakes Monument Fire, Donald Wescott Fire, and Black Forest Fire to participate. Firefighters took full advantage of the time to train together.

Emergency Incident Support provided electrolyte drinks, snacks and debrief facilities. Nourishment provided by EIS is valuable for firefighters to maintain their endurance while fighting rapidly spreading wildfires in rough terrain.

Available 24/7/365, Emergency Incident Support is a dynamic group of volunteers providing hydration, nourishment and other basic support to all first responders including firefighters throughout El Paso County.