Black Forest Fire Response

We would prefer to be out-of-business, never needed. Red Cross is supporting a family affected by a fire early this morning. Black Forest Fire, Donald Wescott Fire, Falcon Fire, Peyton Fire, Tri-Lakes Monument Fire, Larkspur Fire, USAFA Fire, Fountain Fire, American Medical Response, and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office all pulled together to do everything they could. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

The above picture provides an idea of what our emergency responders endure. It is usual for water to leak from hose connections, forming ice in winter conditions. Cold, miserable, physically demanding… thank you fire, emergency medical, and law enforcement for everything you do.
EIS situated between water supply point and the second pumping truck. EIS provides safe haven, hot or cold drinks, high energy snacks and replenishment.
Larkspur Fire water tender unloading into a portable tank. It unfolds but is not “inflatable” as reported by media. These are commonly used to establish water supply in rural areas.
Distance from portable water supply to actual fire was over 3000 feet with EIS supporting first responders at multiple stations.