Tri-County Fire Response

Today we served around 35 emergency responders from Tri-County, Ellicott, Edison, Hanover, Big Sandy, Calhan, Cimmaron Hills, and Fountain fire departments. These incidents can be long and exhausting. EIS brought water, coffee, sports drinks, prepackaged snacks, beef jerky, and Skittles of course.

Thank you Village Inn for supplying fresh coffee. We initially served from our supply of prepackaged burritos. Shout out to El Bronco Ranch Market in Calhan, CO for making fresh, hearty burritos as the incident went on longer. Any kind of hot food to keep our responders going helps.

The three vehicles on the right are “tenders” which supply water in areas without hydrants. The square red object left-center is a portable tank, typically holding around 4000 gallons. The engine on the left drafts from the tank and can either serve firefighters directly or relay water to an attack engine. It takes a great deal of planning and training to establish a professional water supply operation such as this one. It is an honor to serve those that make this look easy.