Emergency Incident Support (EIS) is a rapid response group of volunteers with experience and skills serving fire, medical services, and law enforcement. EIS provides critical support services to first responders in El Paso County, CO, and surrounding areas. These services include hydration, nourishment, and shelter from the elements. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, established in May 2019.

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Board of Directors

Gary Nelson, President

Gary Nelson has over 40 years of consulting, management, customer service, finance, and technical experience related to information technology, banking, and future investments. Gary will serve as a management member and president of the Company, Emergency Incident Support. Gary has been instrumental in the business planning, capital raising, financial planning and start-up of Emergency Incident Support. He also serves as one of the coordinators; monitoring calls and coordinating responses for emergency incidents such as fire, office of emergency management, law enforcement, search and rescue and public health. Gary envisions providing even great support to serve those who serve in the upcoming year.

Roger Lance, Member at Large

Roger Lance is a retired Air Force Veteran of 29 years. He has over 3000 hours of flight time in various fighter aircraft. He has several years of experience in weapon system development, engineering, flight testing, and retired as Commander for advanced technology systems. After retirement he worked as a contractor for space-based systems development for US Space Command. Roger has been a volunteer providing support to first responders since 2005. He was instrumental in ensuring our first responders received exceptional support during the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. As President of the EIS Board of Directors (BoD) he has led efforts to ensure Emergency Incident Support (EIS) continues to expand services to our first responders throughout the El Paso Community. He also serves as Vice-President of the Tri-Lakes Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

Mary Williamson, RN, Treasurer, “Wonderwoman”

Mary Williamson is a retired computer programmer/systems analyst specializing in aerospace and defense systems. She has led design and development teams on military installations on Johnston Atoll, Guam, Alaska and Europe. Mary joined EIS in 2017 and has been an active member responding to fire, search and rescue and law enforcement events. Mary serves on county Health Department projects and at the Criminal Justice Center.

Watch the KRDO news clip where Jasmine Arenas interviews Mary for KRDO news.

Frank Ward, Secretary

Frank Ward spent six years US Navy, followed by 40 years in transportation and construction industries. He spends his spare time volunteering for community and charitable agencies.

John Hildebrandt, DDS, Member at Large

John Hildebrandt has been a member of the Emergency Incident Support (EIS) team since 2019. He learned about the organization from Roger Lance (one of the founders of EIS) while both serving on the board of directors for the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District (TLMFPD). John began his public service commitment as treasurer, to the Tri-Lakes Fire department beginning in 1997 with a mostly volunteer organization. Since then, Tri-Lakes Fire Protection District has merged with Woodmoor/Monument Fire district forming the current TLMFPD; now a career department with three stations, a centrally located office location, 51 full time personnel and a budget just over $11 million. John currently serves the position of board president for TLFPD since 2019.

Looking back…John was an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, established a successful practice, Oral Surgery Associates of Colorado Springs, in 1981 and retired after more than 38 years of practice in January of 2020. He and his wife Bonnie, a registered nurse, have raised two children Kelsey & Daniel. Kelsey & Ryan Belsher have gifted them with 2 grandchildren, two masters degrees, volunteer activities in the community and healthy livelyhoods. Daniel is currently in medical school and engaged to Chelsea Moss, a captain in the Space Force.

John has developed a deep understanding, appreciation and respect for first responders. He recognizes the support they need and how they benefit from the organization; EIS provides this support remarkably well. He has been appointed to the board of directors for EIS as well as serving in the role of coordinator; monitoring calls and coordinating responses for emergency incidents such as fire, law enforcement, search and rescue. John has a high level of regard and appreciation for all members of EIS and its service to the community.

Distinguished Members

Lisa Powell, M.P.S.

Lisa Powell has been working in Public Health for the past 25 years and serves as the El Paso County Public Health Emergency Manager in Colorado Springs, CO.  She was a member of the incident command team for the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Outbreak. She was the ESF 8 lead in the Emergency Operation Center for the Waldo Canyon Fire 2012, the Black Forest Fire 2013, and the Colorado Floods 2013. Her experience includes behavioral health coordination for first responders and affected community members following the Planned Parenthood active shooter incident November 2015. She has participated in numerous emergency operations events for both exercises and real world events. She currently serves as the chair of the South Central Healthcare Coalition.  She holds her masters in Organizational and Professional Communication. She completed the FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner Program and is a Terrorism Liaison Officer and is a Colorado Certified Emergency Manager.

George Steinfeld

George W. Steinfeld has served El Paso County for 46 years. George has worked for El Paso County as an EMT/ PA, Deputy Sheriff in the jail division and finished his County service at El Paso County Department of Health as an Environmentalist Technician where he was the only inspector of all of the commercial swimming pools in El Paso County. George also was on a team that tracked West Nile Virus and Bubonic Plague. George was the Office Manager for the El Paso County Health Department laboratory. George started with Tri-Lakes Volunteer Fire Department in 1973 and worked his way up to Assistant Fire Chief. George was on the Board of Directors for Monument Fire Protection District. George currently serves EIS as lead for building and vehicle maintenance.