EIS Volunteers Support Wildand Fire Training

Over three days the week of August 5th, Emergency Incident Support volunteers were on scene with firefighters as they trained on wildland fire tactics.

Tri-Lakes Monument Batallion Chief Bradley orchestrated the exercise with 150 firefighters participating. Spreading the northern El Paso County joint training exercise across 3 days allowed all 3 shifts from Tri-Lakes Monument Fire, Donald Wescott Fire, and Black Forest Fire to participate. Firefighters took full advantage of the time to train together.

Emergency Incident Support provided electrolyte drinks, snacks and debrief facilities. Nourishment provided by EIS is valuable for firefighters to maintain their endurance while fighting rapidly spreading wildfires in rough terrain.

Available 24/7/365, Emergency Incident Support is a dynamic group of volunteers providing hydration, nourishment and other basic support to all first responders including firefighters throughout El Paso County.